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The PIXELIS offices are based on the former Radio Nova premises in the heart of Paris, France. Seeking a strong identity for their office space, PIXELIS asked QUATORZE, french architecture association, to design and build the two key pieces of their layout: two interior cabins dedicated to co-working and receiving guests. Following the work developed in IMBY #DFPOC01, in December of 2018, QUATORZE proposed to DATPANGEA to build the PIXELIS cabins as IMBY prototypes, allowing the team to develop a unique construction method, resulting from internal research on CNC Milling techniques.


The design solution is based on traditional Japanese structural principles which use embedding to the millimetre and makes it easier to lift the structure’s frame, especially for participatory worksites. A second objective was also to address the project to make these small cabins zero waste. The sliding doors were constructed from offcuts of wood panelling resulting from cutting the gantries and the roof was made from the milled panel offcuts used for the desk supports.


TYPE.    Interior furnishing



Boussereau Charpentes

Nouvelle Fabrique (Thibault Louvet)

YEAR. 2019

SIZE (m2).                           

LOCATION.       PIXELIS offices, Paris, France.


Wood cabin solution assembled by dry joints based on Japanese tradition, developed in a zero-waste construction system.

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