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Enclosing facade system manufactured by CNC Milling techniques through a fast assembly/disassembly by joints based on Japanese Timber tradition,  MakerFaireRoma2017

IMBY -In my Backyard- is a housing solution project created in 2015 from architects minds from D.A.T. Pangea, in Spain, and Quatorze, in France. IMBY proposes a solution for a home and a social follow-up, springboard to a successful insertion for homeless people. The project established an eco-construction solution based on a tiny house made out of timber, for comfort and autonomy.


IMBY #Digital Fabrication(DF) Proof of Concept(POC)01 development addresses a new housing solution developed by CNC Milling strategies that can be easily assembled. Hence, the prototyping studies seek to develop a solution to embed the envelope panels in a wooden structure for easy-mounting/dismounting by assemblies based on the Japanese tradition of wood. A system where, remembering the works of the French engineer Jean Prouvé, the façade system is mounted building up structure and envelope together in modules joined by dry assemblies, managing to mount and unmount it in a short and quick period of time.  


Based on the FabCity concept, the idea is to combine market rules with social needs. DATPANGEA develops together with QUATORZE ongoing research within the IMBY project which envisions to enable significant economies and reduce production while controlling budget through an easy assembly system based on an open-source license. IMBY is currently an ongoing project developed by the French architecture association QUATORZE, in Paris, France. 


IMBY #DFPOC01 was the first prototype of IMBY refined by digital fabrication techniques developed by DATPANGEA in partnership with Jaime Galan and manufactured in the Ateneu de Fabricació de Ciutat Meridiana in Barcelona. Moreover, the work was developed in partnership with QUATORZE and sponsored by the Italian Embassy in Barcelona to exhibit in the MakerFaireRome 2017 inside the ITmakES international makers concentration.


TYPE.    Interior furnishing


YEAR. 2017

SIZE (m2).                  3.22

LOCATION.       Maker Faire Rome 2017, Italy.

Jaime García Galán

Karol Bergeret (Taller de Ideas, Barcelona)

Ateneus de Fabricación de Barcelona,

Ambasciata d’Italia Madrid / Consolato Generale d’Italia Barcellona

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