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TYPE.                     Housing



Boussereau Charpentes

YEAR. 2017

SIZE (m2).                      22

LOCATION.       Montreuil, Paris, France

IMBY -In my Backyard- is a housing solution project created in 2015 from architects minds from D.A.T. Pangea, in Spain, and Quatorze, in France. IMBY proposes a solution for a home and a social follow-up, springboard to a successful insertion for homeless people. The project established an eco-construction based on a tiny house made out of timber, for comfort and autonomy.

On the 10th of November of 2017, Sadeq, an Afghanistan refugee, restarted his life in the first IMBY house build up in Montreuil, Paris. IMBY allows the owner to host one or two persons and also keeps his intimacy. The first IMBY house was installed in the plot of a family installed in the neighbourhood of Montreuil, Paris. The tiny house has a kitchen, bathroom, bathroom, space for sleeping in the upper mezzanine and another space down to cohabitation, used as a living and dining room. To build up the house, ecological materials are used that guarantees a great thermic comfort.   

DATPANGEA develops together with QUATORZE ongoing research within the IMBY project which envisions to enable significant economies and reduce production while controlling budget through an easy assembly system based on an open-source license. IMBY is currently an ongoing project developed by the French architecture association QUATORZE, in Paris, France.

IMBY #01

- In My Backyard - Housing wood solution for Asylum seekers and Homeless people

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