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The new nautical centre of Arousa is located at the road access to the island, visible as a landmark and identity, inviting the visitor to discover a new promenade along an enlarged Praia do Vao.

Performance is change, it is a footprint.

The new activity allows an ecological restoration, a porous proposal where natural systems can flow without borders.

The unity of the centre explodes and reconstitutes itself as a multiplicity of 4 elements, which could be others, allowing it to grow or decrease. In between, nature flows, crossed by the anthropic paths.

A language of its own for the place, a landscape and not a building.


TYPE.    Ideas competition

YEAR. 2014

SIZE (m2).      30.000  

LOCATION.       Arousa, Pontevedra, Spain.


The Arousa nautical centre project is the generation of a language for landscape regeneration.

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